Sunday, April 26, 2009


12th Post

last sat my fren and i have been to 1st didnt plan it..but there we are..on 25th april..i will put our pics there later on.nid to transfer it to laptop 1st..

Friday, April 24, 2009

End Of An Era

Recently MYM Dota dah kene bubar..i think in dis week it happened..
wawawa...aku sedey giler syial...


Coz aku i study alot how to play Dota from them..i mean from their reply..
seingat aku..since their greatest rival all time, Virtus.Pro till now Ks.Int..
da dekat 3 tahun kot aku admire MYM Dota..
Hurm..but sebab syarikat induk MYM iaitu Esport bankrupt, so other division kene dota, warcraft, cs, and so on..

Hope they will still play Dota..even for other team.~

GLHF Maelk, Mania, Merlini, Loda, H4nni, Playmate, Pusher.

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Massive Update

12 Post

Lately im really busy with the presentation, test and DOTA tournement ..

Btw, MASSIVE update will coming veryyyy soon !!
including new pics, DOTA replay and others
watch out !!